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Cast Iron Kettlebells

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Why Cast Iron Kettlebells?

For Swift Swings!

BullrocK Cast iron Kettlebells are methodically manufactured using a fine casting process giving a superior finish, durability and precise weight tolerances.

A well curated surface treatment processes of sand blasting followed by dual coating (of powder coat and E-coat) provides a clean surface finish to give an unmatched touch and feel.  Functionally, the premium textured coating on the handle gives a secure grip, even during the most rapid swings.

When it comes to design,

  • Each kettlebell is designed with a flat base and back to prevent rolling and comfortable placing during your training routine.

  • The wide handle design allows for easy grip transitions and ensures a proper grip for two-handed exercises.

  • Cast iron kettlebells come in different sizes varying with the weights, unlike competition kettlebells which have same size for all weight variants.

  • The weight variants are labelled in both kg and lb at the flat back base. The handles have standard colour coding for easy identification of sizes.  A sturdy yet classic aesthetic look is given by the bulged front engraved with BullrocK logo.

Briefly, BullrocK Cast Iron Kettlebells by all means stand apart to be essentials in your CrossFit kit. You may also like Competition Kettlebells. Select a variation to see individual pictures.