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Gorilla Power Rack 2.0 N | 30″ Depth | 4-Post

Original price was: $750.00.Current price is: $700.00.
This 30” variant of Gorilla Power Rack 2.0 N is designed for those users who are willing to save their space, where the footprint is reduced to 38.8″x51.6”. The Main distinctive factors where our Gorilla Power Rack 2.0 N stands out from the crowd is; The Commercial Grade built quality tested with 454kg (dynamic load) weight capacity that ensures a structurally safe and secure environment for the users. Also, it features 90″ tall uprights with 2″ spacing precision laser-cut holes throughout except bench & clean pull zone where holes are spaced with 1,” i.e., Westside Spacing that allows finding the optimal spot for your safety attachments, which enhances your benching comfort by maximising choice for height adjustability. Also, the squat area where the 2″ spacing is provided allows you to choose the best suitable height to squat without the need of jumping to rack the bar. Pro Tip: It is recommended to bolt down the power rack while using it for Swing Muscle-Ups or other kipping exercises. Select variation to see individual pictures.

Gorilla Power Rack 2.0 N | 41″ Depth | 6-Post

Original price was: $1,008.00.Current price is: $990.00.
Why should I buy this Gorilla 6- Post Power Rack? This Gorilla 6-Post Power Rack is an extended version of our 4-Post Gorilla Power Rack 2.0 N which further increases the stability of rack with 2 additional uprights and 4 cross-members bolted together. This beast is a must have thing for any serious lifting facility. The extended 2-pots features space-efficient plate storage option along with the increased scope for plenty of attachments compatibility. Due to 6-Post design and it’s geometry this rack can handle any weight you can lift without bolting down the rack to the floor. Basically, the rear extension on the 4-Post rack increases the rack’s depth, making it heavy & strong like a beast. Also, this Rear extension comes with a tremendous storage potential like you can attach up to 8 weight horns where you have the feasibility of choosing the weight horn options between 13” & 6” length. Finally, if you are looking for lifetime Power Rack that with an excellent scope for the addition of attachments, then this 6-Post rack is to go with.  Also, if you want to save space, then the depth of 4-post’s cross-member can be customised to 24″ or 30″ (standard depth is 41”) as per your order, which may require an additional lead time of 2-4 weeks.

Weightlifting Jerk Blocks

Original price was: $755.00.Current price is: $720.00.
Progress Efficiently! To make progress with your weightlifting technique and master a jerk without having to clean the weight to the front rack position with each rep. With these jerk blocks, you can focus on your jerk by performing multiple reps from the same height without dropping the bar on the floor and starting from the ground. Also, they allow you to start your lift from a higher position and emphasize the second or third pull, and eventually transfer into a full clean or snatch. With an ease of use, the blocks unlock other lifting potentials such as block pulls, clean/snatch from blocks, partial deadlifts, floor presses, step ups, and box jumps. BullrocK Weightlifting Jerk Block comes in 4 different sizes 15”, 12”, 6”, and 2.25 and are crafted with precisely cut chamfered insets making them strategically aligned for secure stacking. Constructed from 18mm thick Russian Birch Plywood, the interior features solid rectangular brace structure panels for the stability and durability of each block. A raised lip prevents the weights from rolling off the block – is strategically placed at the top of each block to fit the bottom of the next block. The plywood is sanded and smoothed to provide safety and gives a burly rustic look to the blocks. Additionally, application of a Polyurethane clear coat over the surface of the ply enhances the visual appeal and life of the blocks. The side faces are marked with vertical height for easy understanding. It is delivered to you as fully assembled with precision along with inbuilt handles for convenient portability.