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2 Tier Dumbbell Rack (Storage for Round Dumbbells)

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Why 2 Tier Dumbbell Rack?

A sturdy abode for your round dumbbells! An optimal dumbbell storage solution with a space-saving and secure holding design. This dumbbell rack is ideal for holding round dumbbells given the curvy slot, preventing any wear, roll offs. The 2 Tier design rack, having 10 curvy slots on level each, can accommodate altogether 10 pairs or 20 pieces of dumbbells. It takes a footprint of 2170 x 405mm. This beefy 90kg Dumbbell Storage Rack is built with a 3×3″ 11-gauge CR steel in a bolt-together design, the same material which builds our power racks. The curvy holding slots are made from high-grade polymer material, which perfectly accommodates the dumbbells, placed adjacent without touching each other while protects the rack’s surface from wear. It is rested on a steel shelf frame, bolted together with the uprights and reinforced logo plates.

3 Tier Dumbbell Rack (Storage for Hex Dumbbells)

Original price was: $280.00.Current price is: $268.00.

Why 3-Tier Dumbbell Rack?

BullrocK’s 3-tier dumbbells rack gives you an optimal dumbbell storage solution with a space-saving design. This rack is ideal for storing Hexagonal Dumbbells but also works for Round Dumbbells. The 3 Tier design accommodates altogether a pair of 2.5kgs to 30kgs and occupies a smaller footprint of 1465x840mm. This beefy 54kg rack is built with a sturdy steel frame of 3mm thick 50x50mm CR pipe. A Bottom plate of 100x135mm of 5mm thickness ensures a wide area of contact with the ground ensures stability. The shelves are sturdy and made from 5mm thick steel angles welded with a side plate of 8mm thickness. Overall, the rack is capable to hold your heaviest dumbbells. The rack comes in two color options: Red-Black and All Black. The powder-coated surface is highly durable, as well as aesthetic. Select variation to see individual pictures.

Powerlifting Lever Belt – Kavach | 10mm & 13mm

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Why Kavach?

A Bracing Armour!

BullrocK Powerlifting Lever Belt ‘Kavach’ is a lifter’s armour that gives a secure tighter fit and delivers a strong, consistent core stability through heavy lifts, along with back support.

What sets this powerlifting belt apart from the traditional ones is,

The Gliding Lever Mechanism allowing effortless fastening and adjustments, with an absolute ease of quick release after an intense lift.

You do not have to bother additional abdominal bracing while removal of the belt especially when the core is already tight yearning for quick release, thus avoiding the risk of cramps in such situations. The lever swiftly glides 180 degrees through the Buckle with easy yet effective clasps while wearing and tightening adjustments and removal

With its Beefy Buckle and dual hole notches, the belt can be clamped with 4 prongs at 2 vertical positions for a uniform grip and support, unlike 1 single prong- hole attachment unlike a traditional belt. This helps prevent any movement or slippage as you train.

This durable belt is crafted out of matte black finish genuine leather, black lever and an inner red suede lining giving it a prowess aesthetic. The higher thickness prolongs hole distortion that may happen with heavy usage and thus improves the longevity of the belt.

In our opinion, 13mm is recommended for professional powerlifters while 10mm for anyone who trains progressively and focuses on improving form and lifting more heavy.

One uses a Lever Belt to improve and ease core bracing i.e to hold the abdominal wall pressure during a lift, while getting back support as an add on. Keeping this functionality with extra convenience in mind, ‘Kavach’ empowers a and fully enables a lifter to make most of their lifts.

Size Chart

Size Min (cm) Max (cm) Min (in) Max (in)
S 70 90 27.6 35.4
M 80 100 31.5 39.4
L 90 110 35.4 43.3
XL 100 120 39.4 47.2

The Buffalo Bar

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Why this Bar?

‘Brace Better’ with this Buffalo Bar! A speciality bar for the most comfortable movements with the least stresses whenever you lift- be it squats or bench presses, especially for injury prevention. The Buffalo Cambered Bar has a proprietary bend due to which it rests on the back contours comfortably and reduces stress on shoulder bicep tendon allowing better scapular retraction, lat engagement and consequently a better core stability to brace. You maintain a neutral position without putting as much pressure on your shoulder when you are squatting During bench press wrist angle is optimized by the bend encouraging proper joint centration and reducing rotational demand on the shoulder and gaining an additional range of motion. This 8ft buffalo cambered bar weighs 23kg having 32mm shaft diameter with 1.5mm diamond knurl is highly recommended for all lifting facilities and a staple for those squatting and bench pressing, correctly, safely, and efficiently.

The Drill Bar

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Why Drill Bar?

To practice the lifting technique with a feel of an Olympic Barbell, along with performing mobility drills, and stretching exercises. This nearly 5ft and 1.5kg Steel Drill Bar is Ideal for beginners to get hold of the basics of Olympic weightlifting. Learning Cleans, snatches, and overhead squats with this bar is efficient compared to standard bars, as the user can focus on technique without running out of energy. The Drill Bar simulates actual barbell training experience, and is highly economic to serve the purpose. The Drill Bar is constructed with Seamless ERW Steel Pipe weighing just 1.5kg. The Bar is fully powder coated in textured black, and it has IWF standard 5mm Knurl marks which are grooved and coloured white. This bar comes in two variations of 28mm and 25mm diameter, its suitability extends to kids, beginners, technique trainers, and even as rehab bar for athletes recovering from injury.

Weightlifting Belt – Nylon 4″ – Gym Belt

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Why This Weightlifting Belt – Nylon 4″ ?

With a thinner profile and light in weight than traditional gym belts, this Nylon belt gives you firm back and abdomen support to perform efficient lifts.

The belt is suitable for weightlifting as its thinner profile does not prick or pinch your abdomen while lift transitions (cleans, snatches) also especially when you bend down to begin. The 4″ wide strap of nylon material gives a comfortable yet stable support and an optimal contoured fit.

It is easy to fasten and quick to adjust with the steel tensioning buckle and hook and loop fastening system. The meticulous stitching makes it durable for a long-lasting use. Available in 4 sizes, it is very convenient to use this belt during regular workouts too for exercises such as, squats, deadlifts, bench press, leg press etc.