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Farmers Walk Handles

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Why Farmers Walk Handles?

Have you maxed out the dumbbell farmers walk? If yes, then this is for you! There is a limitation to lift max for farmers walk with dumbbells and kettlebells. This 5 ft farmers walk handle has 200kg max load capacity (for each Handle). Each Handle has total 24” sleeve to load Olympic plates and customize the load, which helps you to progress efficiently. The farmer walk bars are must for strongman and endurance training where grip strength is paramount. Along with the forearms, the farmer walk challenges your Leg, back, shoulders, and core all at once.

Multi Grip Bar

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Why a Multi Grip bar?
The Multi Grip Bar or the Swiss Barbell allows reduced stress on your shoulders and wrists while lifting and lets you go from narrow to wide holding to hit different muscle groups. A versatile barbell workout where your muscles are targeted at new and different angles while comforting your joints is why you should look out for this bar. Its three gripping position handles – one set of internally placed angular handles and two vertical neutral grip handles let you freely switch to new positions. The Multi Grip Bar can be used for performing the pushing and pulling lifts like Bench Presses, Overhead Presses, Bent-Over Rows, Skull crushers, Curls, and Front raises in different positions. For instance, a closed grip is for the triceps, a wider grip targets the pectorals. The bar can also be flipped to 180 degrees to reverse the angle of the internal handle for different positioning.

Open Trap Bar

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Why Open Trap Bar?

Making your deadlifts more convenient!

Get rid of the extra hassle undertaken during plate loading and unloading, with BullrocK’s Open Trap Bar which comes with an integrated deadlift jack. The 17.5 kg bar can be easily tilted up on its feet and put down a with the help of the jack which also acts a counterweight for balancing.

The bar can be easily flipped and open side frame enables the lifter to step in and out doesn’t limit the lower body range of motion. This makes the bar functional for a wide variety of movements.

The Open Trap Bar can aslo be functional in the following ways:

  • It allows you to intensify your upper back workouts & get the freedom of movement that lacks in a straight bar deadlift.

  • This special deadlift bar allows for increased loading in deadlifts, especially for beginners or people with mobility issues which might make straight-bar deadlifts challenging.

  • It’s also an excellent choice for (non-barbell sports) athletes or recreational lifters who don’t want to invest the additional time required to learn a straight-bar deadlift while reaping all the benefits of a deadlift.

Though the bar is not rack-able, it takes very less footprint as it can be stored by flipping vertically. Also it has got rotating nylon wheels for easy portability.

It features two pairs of moderately knurled handles of 150mm length and having diameters of 28mm, and 38mm respectively, enabling you to choose the most preferable grip depending on the exercises. Usually 28mm is preferred for deadlifts and 38mm for farmers walk, shrugs to train forearms.

The 48 mm diameter sleeves are non rotating having an ordinary bright chrome coating and does not have any grooving. A rubber ring is attached at the end of the sleeve so that the plates aren’t damaged by the hardware touches.

The frame features a textured matte black powder coated tube frames welded together thoroughly with a 5 year manufacturing warranty against welding defects.

The bar comes with a pair of spring collars weighing around 300gms

SSB Foam Pad

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Why This SSB Foam Pad? To upgrade your safety squat bar and go easy on your shoulders, try the new highly durable SSB Foam Pad. With an improved high density bonded foam and a larger surface area of cushioning, the new pad serves your heavy squats very well. Compatible with our previous version of Safety Squat Bar- this foam pad turns it into bar being more comfortable on your back and shoulders leading to more efficient squats. Key Specifications: Material High Density Bonded Foam Dimensions 540mm x 340mm Compatibility BullrocK The Safety Squat Bar (2019-2022)

The Deadlift Bar

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Why this Bar?
For the deadlift yearning athletes who prefer a deadlift bar of some serious whip (flex) along with convenient grip (27mm shaft diameter), and aggressive knurl to boost their limiting 1RMs. Here is a bar specializing in whip achieved by keeping 27mm shaft diameter, slightly excess length i.e. 2330mm, and keeping the sleeves slightly apart compared to standard Olympic bar. The whip allows you to pull more from a higher point before the plates break off the floor, potentially increasing the amount of weight that can be lifted in the process. Not to mention, believe us, reducing 2mm diameter (almost 6mm circumference) makes an incredible difference in your grip which directly spikes your overall performance. This specialized Bar is an incredible choice for deadlift diehards & serious lifting facilities.

The Technique Bar (5kg, 25mm) – Kids Weightlifting Barbell

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Why this Bar?

To get you ready for the for the big ones!

BullrocK Technique bar is designed for lightweight Olympic training to prepare your form safely yet effectively.

Constructed from bare aluminium, this 5kg barbell features sleeves having two needle bearings for a smooth and consistent spin, making it a high-performance bar in the lightweight category. It is 2010mm long having a 25mm shaft diameter and a loadable sleeve length of 270mm. IWF specifications well considered, it has standard knurl markings without centre knurl.

It is well suited for aspiring athletes embarking on an initial lifting journey, an amateur seeking equipment for perfecting form or one in rehab getting over an injury.

With 49.8mm sleeve diameter, it is compatible with standard-size bumper plates, though it is not suitable for heavy loading beyond 20kg.