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2 Tier Dumbbell Rack (Storage for Round Dumbbells)

Original price was: $533.00.Current price is: $510.00.

Why 2 Tier Dumbbell Rack?

A sturdy abode for your round dumbbells! An optimal dumbbell storage solution with a space-saving and secure holding design. This dumbbell rack is ideal for holding round dumbbells given the curvy slot, preventing any wear, roll offs. The 2 Tier design rack, having 10 curvy slots on level each, can accommodate altogether 10 pairs or 20 pieces of dumbbells. It takes a footprint of 2170 x 405mm. This beefy 90kg Dumbbell Storage Rack is built with a 3×3″ 11-gauge CR steel in a bolt-together design, the same material which builds our power racks. The curvy holding slots are made from high-grade polymer material, which perfectly accommodates the dumbbells, placed adjacent without touching each other while protects the rack’s surface from wear. It is rested on a steel shelf frame, bolted together with the uprights and reinforced logo plates.

3 Tier Dumbbell Rack (Storage for Hex Dumbbells)

Original price was: $280.00.Current price is: $268.00.

Why 3-Tier Dumbbell Rack?

BullrocK’s 3-tier dumbbells rack gives you an optimal dumbbell storage solution with a space-saving design. This rack is ideal for storing Hexagonal Dumbbells but also works for Round Dumbbells. The 3 Tier design accommodates altogether a pair of 2.5kgs to 30kgs and occupies a smaller footprint of 1465x840mm. This beefy 54kg rack is built with a sturdy steel frame of 3mm thick 50x50mm CR pipe. A Bottom plate of 100x135mm of 5mm thickness ensures a wide area of contact with the ground ensures stability. The shelves are sturdy and made from 5mm thick steel angles welded with a side plate of 8mm thickness. Overall, the rack is capable to hold your heaviest dumbbells. The rack comes in two color options: Red-Black and All Black. The powder-coated surface is highly durable, as well as aesthetic. Select variation to see individual pictures.