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Air Cycle Vayu5

Original price was: $679.00.Current price is: $660.00.

Why Air Cycle Vayu5?

Vayu5 is designed for you to experience a smooth and quite ride indoors. Different than stationary spin bikes in terms of resistance generation, it uses air resistance as you pedal, unlike friction pad or magnetic resistance. It is purposeful for peddling based cardio exercise and does not engage your upper body. It used a spiral damper to regulate airflow inside a flywheel with 10 adjustable resistance settings. As you pedal harder, the resistance and intensity of the workout increases accordingly. You can track your workout metrics with an adjustable display. It is driven by a self-tensioning groove belt instead of a chain, which reduces noise suiting to indoor use, and gives a smooth feel. It features an adjustable aluminium Saddle and Handlebars, both of which can be adjusted forwards and backward, upwards and downwards via an easy ratchet. The handle has multi-grip options to adjust your posture. This way you can customize it to your best position. It is also compatible with saddles and pedals of your choice for a customized experience. Weighing 50 kilos, it is easy to assemble and move around with caster wheels. Steel frame construction makes it stable and durable for the most rigorous use. Note: The Air Cycle Machine design is now patent-free. This product does not come with the batteries. You need to get D cell AA batteries to get the display working.

Air Rower Vayu7

Original price was: $960.00.Current price is: $569.00.

Why Air Rower Vayu7?

Simplified setup, compact storage and impressive impact.

Engineered ergonomically based on tried and tested designs, Air Rower Vayu7 is an optimal indoor equipment for a comprehensive full body workout.

This air rowing machine weighs just 28 kilos and can be set up easily, stored compactly by splitting into two sections and features caster wheels for swift mobility.

With 2 million cycles tested, it stands for durability, along with the convenience of little to no maintenance, even with the most rigorous use.

The spiral damper regulates air flow inside the flywheel based on your stroke which in turn generates resistance as more air flows in. With 10 adjustable resistance settings, it is designed to give you a smooth feel as you stroke gliding swiftly on the aluminium monorail. The stroke is driven by a Stainless Steel chain attached to the handles

The PU foam seat, rubber grip ergonomic handles, and adjustable footrest with numberings make your workout comfortable and adaptable. The adjustable display monitor gives a peek at all the metrics of your training. It also features Bluetooth connectivity.

Air Ski Vayu9

Original price was: $899.00.Current price is: $630.00.

Why Air Ski Vayu9?

A compact exercise equipment simulating skiing movements, it offers a challenging strength and endurance workout. It is suitable for any athlete’s size and skill levels. With both double pole and alternating arm techniques, it targets your legs, arms, and core for a full body workout. This Ski exercise machine is extremely stable as it comes mounted on a wooden floor deck with a textured PU top to avoid skid. The pulling movements are made smooth by a high strength yet lightweight drive cords which glides over the pulley as you ski. They are connected to an ergonomic plastic handle for a secure grip suitable for any hand size. The steel construction and support frame make the equipment sturdy. Vayu9 uses air flow to build resistance based on your pull. The spiral damper regulates air flow inside the flywheel, which generates resistance as more air flows in. With 10 adjustable resistance settings, it is designed to give you a smooth feel as you pull. It is easily portable via caster wheels and can be stored compactly.