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BullrocK Adjustable Bench – The PanZer

Original price was: $487.00.Current price is: $470.00.

Why this Bench?

With a Tank Like Built, BullrocK’s PanZer is a terrific heavy-duty bench for training, yet compact for storage, with convenient portability. The Panzer is a powerful and steady bench, armed for heavy workout sessions. The engineered ladder design makes it adaptable for ten 10 back pad position angle adjustments (from 0 to 85 degrees with incremental of 7.5 degrees) and 3 seat pad adjustments (0,15, and 30 degrees). Overall pad length of 1333mm/52.5” and width of 292mm/11.5” make it comfortable and convenient for any size athlete. It does not possess a decline feature so as to maintain a minimal gap of 45mm between the seat and the back pad. This prevents the discomfort of the disjoint while utilising the full range of inclines and a comfortable flat. Usually, a decline feature demands more gap, it is a trade-off between either a comfortable flat or a decline. A sturdy frame constructed with 11-gauge CR steel- 75x75mm pipe with a 6mm thick laser cut profile, making the bench extra stable due to the larger contact area of the steel frame of 165mm with the back pad. In spite of this, it is conveniently portable and can be uplifted with a 25mm knurled handle and wheels with bearings, occupying a footprint of just 630 x 445mm/24.75 x 17.5” when stored vertically. Also equipped with 7mm thick HDPE at the base serves very well for floor protection and stability. Overall, The PanZer is compact artillery on your floor always on to spread itself for a lift!

BullrocK Flat Bench

Original price was: $125.00.Current price is: $112.00.
Practically tested 1000+ lbs rated Flat Bench! If your bench cannot handle some serious weight, then how can you? It is much obvious to experience that when you are pushing the weights, if the bench wobbles, you will think twice before taking the heavier weights, but when you are confident that the bench is capable of withstanding 3-10x times what you can lift without any wobble, then nothing pulls your progression back. Keeping this in mind, this BullrocK Flat bench is designed & tested with a weight load capacity of 475kg. It has plenty of distinctive features like a fully welded frame with 12-gauge steel, Angled Profile, Wider base feet, Thick dense padding sets it apart from the crowd.

Stallion FID Adjustable Bench

Original price was: $311.00.Current price is: $295.00.

Why this Bench?

Versatile, Portable, Commercial Grade & Budget-friendly Flat-Incline-Decline Bench. Keeping in mind that your bench not only has to support your weight but also the weight of whatever you’re lifting, hence this Stallion bench is a commercial grade bench designed to be 1000lbs rated. The best thing about the Stallion bench is its steadiness, while the most common issue of wobble, that is generally faced with many FID benches won’t be there with our Stallion FID Adjustable Bench, the design & Heavy-duty material usage sets it apart from the crowd.